Wednesday, 21 May 2008

What a lovely story.....

Reading through other Blogs I came across this fabulous story featured in the Blog A cup of Jo . The story goes that a guy in Atlanta tied a disposable camera to a bench with a note saying to take photos, have fun and he would be back later on the afternoon to pick up the camera...amazingly when he went back the camera was still there with the roll of film completed !! These are the results !! How much fun !! you can see them all here.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Site discovery : Square America

I love this picture, it tells so many stories !

As you might of gathered from my previous post, I'm totally fascinated with vernacular photography. I recently discovered a great website called Square America. I highly recommend to have a peek at the site for those interested in this subject. I personally found it interesting the family dynamics section as there's a lot of psychology to work out within the people in the portraits. Enjoy !

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Every picture tells a story....

I've always been fascinated how an image can tell so much, specially family & friend snapshots. I find myself looking closely at the body language, the backdrop, what was the ocasion?, the story behind the photo, their life then and now, where are they now?.. all those things come to mind, in other terms, vernacular photography is what totally fascinates me.
The photograph above is a fine example of the quote " every picture tells a story ". This picture tells many stories and a very significant one too !This photo was taken in Argentina on my christening day (wont tell you how long ago) in the picture you can see my parents & godparents (my mother and godmother having been best friends since the age of four). Unfortunately we lost touch for twenty years with countless attempts on both counter parts searching for each other, it was a difficult task as all that time my parents, little siblings and I were moving round the world like nomads!
Finally thanks to modern technology, the fabuolus Internet, we managed to track the down, which actually it was this time four years ago when my mum and I were sitting nervously by the phone to make the call after all that time and not knowing what to expect, thankfully they were all fine and chatted for a good couple of hours exchanging life stories, some good some sad, but the main thing it was like time hadn't passed them by. Months later I went to Buenos Aires and found myself sitting in a Hotel lobby with this very photograph in my hand waiting impatiently for my godparents to come through the door for the great reunion... as I was waiting for half an hour or more (Argentines are always fashionably late, me falling in that category I'm afraid ) it was when I met my lovely boyfriend Matt, an English guy staying for a couple of days in Bs As and travelling round South America. Later on this evening my godparents and mother are coming for another reunion to stay at our home for the weekend, so as you see " every picture does tell a story" !

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Cakes, coffee and catching up...

This weekend was national bank holiday to celebrate the lovely month of May...a great opportunity to catch up with my fabulous friend Zoe over iced coffee, cake & enjoying the sunshine, lets hope this great weather is here to stay!