Thursday, 29 April 2010

Monday, 26 April 2010

New Products Coming Soon!

With such a lovely sunny weekend I took the opportunity to take some new pics of new products coming soon in my shop and not on the high street site. I hope you all had a good one too!

Friday, 16 April 2010

Summer Reading

I absolutely love reading but finding the right time, moment and most importantly a good book sometimes it seems impossible !
With the hint of Spring showing up now and again it all makes it a little bit easier. Finding a five minute coffee break to sit in the garden, have breakfast or 30 mins lunch it ain't that bad. I have been very fortunate with my last book find and the current one that I'm reading-those coffee breaks make them even more better!

The Piano Teacher by Janice Y.K Lee Which is set in Hong Kong before, during and just after the Japanese Occupation. The story deals of one mans love with a Eurasian woman and, subsequently, his involvement with a rather sheltered, recently married Englishwoman recently arrived (The piano teacher). I loved this book so much that has made me want to learn more from that historical era in the Far East, and eventually travel there again...
And One Day by David Nicholls is the book that I'm currently reading, which quite honestly I cant put it down! It is such a lovely book and amazingly well written that you immediately are absorbed by it! It is the story of two people that meet in graduation day of their University in the 80's and progresses through the next twenty years of their lives. Each chapter is a different year so you also get a feel of the last couple of decades of British cultural and political life. I highly recommend this one! Most likely you'll be able to relate to some chapters which makes it much more fun...

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Inspirational Studios : Nathalie Lete

I have always been fascinated with creative spaces. The idea to be able to have a sneaky peek at other like minded others private world of creativity has always intrigued me, after all thats where it all happens! The chaos, inspirations, influences and countless hours developing those ideas are part of that little world that represents your final work.
Nathalies studio is a former 19th Century metal factory on the outskirts of Paris where you can see her personality and work very much in the presence of lovely colorful Atelier. Her range varies from had painted plates, children's books and animal print rugs which can be bought at Anthopologie.
Images Mark Seelen and info are from Elle Decoration Magazine ( UK), Feb 2010.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

I Heart Anthropologie

Photo by Matt Munro via Elle Decoration
Having read about Anthropologie through other Blogs from the US I was intrigued what the hype was about. So when the flagship finally opened in London's Regent Street I had to go along and investigate...My goodness !! It was made for me !! Yep, everything in the store I have in my mental shopping wish list. The store consists of three floors filed with delicious goodies of homewares, accessories and fashion with a vintage, boho- style. If in London I highly recommend you check it out. Kings Road store or Regents Street, you wont regret it !

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Jazz Nights

Jamie Cullum Tony Bennet

I have great fond memories of my childhood at our home in Barcelona with the sound of music always playing in our record player.It was my father that introduced me to Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles. Since then my love of Jazz has grown with the years. I love to listen to it in the background when I'm working, cooking, painting or reading a book. Jazz is great for background music for lazy Sundays whilst having brunch or a summer evening in the garden sipping some margaritas with some friends, personally it always sets a mood for me. But to my regret I don't have a great knowledge of the great world of Jazz musicians, so to my delight as I'm typing away a new weekly radio programme has started with Jamie Cullum presenting a show of his favourites followed by Tony Bennett later on in the evening .Great! At last I'll be able to not just enjoy this fabulous melody but also extend my knowledge and music library...Happy days...:-)

Duke Ellington,Tony Bennet& Billie Holiday

Monday, 5 April 2010

Welcome Springtime!

My childhood upbringing was very inspirational and influenced where I am today. I was lucky that both parents were always interested in the Arts by taking us to various exhibitions and encouraged me to paint and be creative at our home in Barcelona. Since then there have been many life journeys, but no matter what the circumstances may have been some sort of creativity has been part of out lives. Today my mother lives in a lovely cottage in Dorset where she paints in her studio inspired by her garden and surroundings. Last month she opened three shops online! You can see more of these lovely prints in Etsy and Dwanda and home wares collection here...I know..she is unstoppable :-) !

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Happy Easter

As I was looking for a recipe in my many cook books for a delicious Easter cake I came across this one from Rachel Allen's Bake book. I thought I might share it with you in case you might like to try it out...enjoy!