Friday, 31 December 2010

2011 Here We Come!

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image by zebra paperclip

My dear friends as we are about to close a chapter on 2010 and what has been for me a crazy one with lots of upheavals, I'm glad to do closure and embrace a new one for sure !
With many exciting new projects projects planned for 2011 that I'm very excited to tell you about- but I'm going to have to wait to tell you until next year- I wish you all a wonderful start to 2011 with all you desire coming your way...
Thank you all for support, loyalty and friendship xxxxx

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Kato and Woody

I hope you all have had a lovely xmas time and a chance to chill with friends and family. We were snowed in so had a quiet one whilst our lovely cats Kato and Woody had fun exploring and investigating all the snow in the garden. We got them from our local rescue centre, Diana Brimblecombe back in the summer and they have been so lovely to have around. I know it is a personal choice where your animals come from but I so much encourage and highly recommend animals that need a home. It is so rewarding and fun!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Tracking Santa

This website is lovely for the kids that would like to track Santa's travels. With language options to choose from so no one can miss out (It helps if you have google earth on your computer to see it on 3D)Enjoy and make sure you have the volume on to hear the music...

Monday, 20 December 2010

Ice Skating @ Somerset House

Every year I have managed to miss the lovely annual Ice skating ring at Somerset house but I am determined to try and take a visit this time ( snow permitting! )
They have different programs to offer to suit everyone ; Friday and Saturday Dj nights, Wheelchair sessions, Student discounts and Breakfast with Tiffany Saturday mornings. Free entry for one child with every adult and everyone gets a Tiffany Cupcake, with a free hot chocolate for the kids and a glass of Champagne for the grown ups ! Sounds fabulous and very festive but unfortunately Matt and I are both very clumsy and accident prone so I think we'll just have to take a stroll and take the atmosphere in from afar :-)

Print Your Own Christmas Stationery

As we are still stuck here with a blanket of snow in our surroundings with nowhere to go I'm having to be creative with my Christmas to do list ! I recently discovered a world out there of fabulous online designers at Etsy that sell printable gift boxes,wrapping paper, tags and much more! It is a great, fast and affordable way to obtain original stationery. With a click of a button you have it on your computer within 24 hrs and you can use them over as many times you wish...Enjoy :-)

Saturday, 18 December 2010

last minute xmas shopping

It has been a couple of mad weeks with the run up for xmas producing stock for the shop and dispatching orders.
Today as I'm writing here looking through the window it is all white and although very pretty the snow aint going anywhere,it is here to stay for sometime!! So if you are like me and stuck at home with a need to finish your xmas shopping - yes , I always leave it to last minute...more fun that way...sometimes! ) I have made a small selection of original gifts from the great online shop , not on the high street ( where I also have my shop). Also lets not forget to buy local from the lovely independent shops that have a lot to offer too! Good luck & have a good a fabulous weekend...I'm off to dig out my xmas decorations and then off to take more pics of the snow :-)

Thursday, 2 December 2010

It's all snow here!

This morning we had unexpected snow for this time of year here in England. It all looks so pretty! I'm going to take the opportunity to shoot some photographs...Have a good day!