Saturday, 26 February 2011

Art and Craft Fair Saturday 7 / 7 /12 !!

If you are stuck indoors with all the rain why not come and see amazing Art and Crafts from very talented artists ?-Venue in Farham Maltings, Surrey,  UK.

I'll be showing my new 'mini canvas' which will be for sale online next week. If I don't see you, I hope you all have a lovely weekend :-)

Back to the Future

I'm loving this photographic project from Argentine photographer Irina Werning where she gets people to reenact photographic images from their childhood!

Have a lovely weekend whatever you are up to-Me I'm going to try and catch some of the Oscars ...I'm for team 'The Social Network' , for best supporting actor Geoffrey Rush ( The Kings Speech) and best actress for Annette Bening in 'The kids Are Alright'. You can see more of the nominations here ..who are your favourties?

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Medici Greeting Cards

Many months ago I was approached by the renowned greeting card Medici to use some of my images. I was sooo thrilled and flattered ! After many talks, meetings and discussions the cards are in print ! So at last I have in my hands the lovely collection from Medici greeting cards featuring my 13 of my images ! I'm so happy with them and how they look !
You can see more in my shop here and in Not on the High Street.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Great News !!

My dearest friends a couple of weeks ago I hinted about some exciting news..Well I can say now that the lovely Stationery chain Paperchase have purchased some of my images which will be in the shops later this year! I'm so excited, for me it is a great honor as I'm always stocking up on their diaries and notebooks. Paperchase is very big in the UK but also in The Netherlands and Dubai. I'll keep you informed when they are in the shops :-)