Saturday, 23 April 2011

Easter Treat : Chocolate & Hazelnut Meringue Cake

 Growing up, part of my family tradition  was to have a chocolate cake on Easter Sunday, usually made by  my mother whilst holidaying in the Pyrenees with friends and family. When I have the time I love baking, apart from the fact thatI find it very therapeutic, it also evokes certain memories with the aromas and flavours created . 
So this afternoon whilst feeling a little bit nostalgic I started looking for yummy recipes and inspiration. After sometime researching I came across this amazing recipe of a flourless, gluten free Chocolate and Hazelnut meringue cake, which I thought I'd share with you....  

The recipe comes from one of my daily Blog reads, Tartelette. Founded by the very talented French pastry chef Helene, now living in the US.  I recommend you visit her Blog and you'll be immediately inspired by her beautiful images and collection of delicious recipes, which are all gluten free...
For the Chocolate & Hazelnut Meringue Cake recipe click here.  Happy Easter ! :-)
*Images by Helene @ tartelette

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Weekend in Devon

Mrng ! Now back from our weekend away in Devon from visiting our friends.
It was a long journey due to a lot of traffic so whilst Matt was driving I tried to give it a shot to take some pictures of the beautiful countryside and lovely yellow fields...I think they came out surprisingly well ...

 Countryside  narrow roads taking us through  quintessential English villages

Archie showing us through their amazing farm 

Cool tree house... Definitely any kids dream, I know it was always mine!!

One of their super cute orphan lambs...This one is one week old

There's always a debate at home about where to live in the near future. Although we live in the countryside near London the question is whether to go and live in a more rural area or back in the city...I love the countryside and I'm a total animal lover but there's not a happier place in my heart than the big old smoke !!!
I know it sounds crazy to some but I think it could be partly to where you grew up and where your roots are... Somehow I don't think this long debate that goes back some years  will ever be resolved :-(

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Meeting Holly Becker

Next week I'll let you know all about my meeting Holly Becker from decor8 a couple of days ago in London's Liberty shop at at Book launch she did promoting her new book, Decorate...What I can say for the moment is that she is super lovely !
I'm now off away for the weekend to visit some friends in their country home in Devon..I can't wait to go for nice walks by the sea, have lazy dinner and talk till late with a nice glass of wine...Have a lovely weekend what ever you are up too :-)
*Image by Liberty

Blog Mention

Hi my lovely friends... Here I am back to my posting after neglecting my Blog for sometime as I had to have a little break to concentrate on other things. In the meantime I have to thank Rhona Wheeldon for writing such a lovely post on my work ! Thank you so much Rhona :-) You can check her fab blog here which is full of inspiration for all those flower enthusiasts...