Sunday, 30 November 2014

Welcome to le Petite Studio!

Hi! It has been a long time I know, but life is so busy right now that five minutes sometimes is difficult to find!
I have been working on countless projects that I don't know where to start so I'll tell you in little sections throughout the next few days so not to be an information overload in one post!
I'll start by telling you that I have been setting up a new studio which is fabulous and feel very lucky to be able to detach myself from working in the house and work full on, the problem now is to be able to know when to stop working!

 As I have mentioned before, I have re branded as my work has evolved with time and now I'm  doing what I really enjoy - lifestyle &am; studio portraits and food photography ( Price list can be seen here)
Also I have been signed up by an international food image company, which I'm very excited to be working with ! As I'll produce food images, now and again I'll do a recipe story around it here on the Blog and If I get to find time, I'll also work on some personal social documentary projects that I have in mind.


Clare said...

Awesome news Roseana!LOVE :)

Anonymous said...


Natasha said...

I'm so happy for you. i'm liking the new work and gorgeous studio- I can't wait to see it!!!

Jon said...

Awesome studio and great work.

Kate said...

When can I book you for photos?? I would LOVE some as Christmas gifts and how much do you charge?

Kate X